CIPD courses are here!

September 22, 2015


Talent Center are in discussions with Acacia Learning Ltd to provide Level 5 CIPD Qualifications in Sudan from July 2017.  This delivery is subject to CIPD Approval.

This training program is aligned with Talent Center’s goal which is HRM career enrichment in Sudan.

For All HR Professionals in Sudan

We believe every one of you contributes towards the advancement of HR function in his/her company and for that it is important, to enhance your own HRM competencies and credentials.. We encourage you to be a part of this training session and benefit from it.

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September 22, 2015


2 Comments to “CIPD courses are here!”

  1. Hisham Hamour

    Please advice on the CIPD level to my level along with timing for the training and exam and the cost of all (training and exam) along with venues information.

  2. Elnage Kamal Eldin Abass

    Dear / sir
    Good day
    I thing this is very important step for Talent Center to start Level 5 CIPD Qualifications in Sudan , so I’m very interesting to join the course as the first group , could you please provide me the detail of program ( date of starting , cost, content, ,,,,eg) after you got the final approval from the Acacia Learning Ltd.
    thank you for your corporation


    Elnage Kamal Eldin Abass


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