Course Outline

Session 1

  1. Introduction to marketing and marketing concepts
  2. Defined marketing as process and strategic role
  3. Role of marketing within the organization to deliver growth
  4. Introduction to marketing mas and offers as part of Value proposition


Session 2- Customers and Profitability

  1. Building customer focus organizational
  2. Customer focus, performance and impact on profitability
  3. Trends of customer focus and market driven direction
  4. Customer matrix to measure the company performance
  5. Profits impact of customer retention and loyalty


Session 3- Defining Market Space and Estimating Market Potential

  1. Product-Market Structure
  2. Market Definitions – Understanding potentiality and sizing Opportunities
  3. Estimating Market Potential - figuring your swimming area on the opportunities pool
  4. Market Development and Potential
  5. Understanding Dynamics of Market Demand Throughout the Product Lifecycle
  6. Factors of Market Development
  7. Forces Driving Market Growth
  8. Market Share Performance Tree


Session 4- Measuring Marketing Profitability and Marketing ROI

  1. Adding Marketing Profits to Performance
  2. Marketing ROI and Marketing ROS
  3. Strategies for Growing Marketing Profits
  4. Managing the Traditional Buyer Segment


Session 5

  • Marketing strategy approach – and role on the organizational business performance
  • Develop market segmentation, targeting & positioning route for successful
  • Developing Value proposition and measuring marketing performance
  • Introduction to business simulation – marketing application (next training Module)