Workshop Outcomes:

Negotiation can help you achieve aims and solve problems. It is about reaching win:win solutions, where all parties feel the outcome is fair. This course will help you understand the process of negotiation - how to prepare, having clear aims and objectives, how and when to use different negotiating styles, strategies and tactics. You will be able to recognise manipulative tactics, and deal with them, and you will be better able to find creative solutions. It will give you the confidence to be a successful negotiator. You will also have the opportunity of practising your new skills with feedback.

Participants will be able to:

  • Be more confident in negotiation situations
  • Be able to strike better deals
  • Strive for win-win agreements
  • Foster ongoing customer relationships
  • Gain best outcomes from inter-personal interactions
  • Develop a range of transferable skills


Course Outline:

The two-day course will cover:

  • Your values and how they impact on your negotiations
  • Understanding the nature of the gap between you and the other party
  • What does win:win really mean?
  • Preparing for a negotiation
    • Know yourself and your preferred negotiation style
    • Being clear about your aims, setting objectives
    • Finding out as much as you can about the other party’s needs and aspirations
    • Developing a strategy for success
    • Framing
    • Setting the Time and Place
  • Conducting a negotiation
    • Establishing a productive environment
    • Your negotiating team and their roles
    • Opening a negotiation and Getting off on the Right Foot
    • Exchanging Information: What to Share and What to Keep to Yourself
    • Top tips for negotiators
    • What to Expect
    • About Mutual Gain; What Do I Want? What Do They Want? What Do We Want?
    • Techniques to Try
    • How to Break an Impasse
    • Recognising and dealing with ‘underhand’ tactics and manipulation
    • Finding imaginative solutions rather than beating the other party into the ground
    • Reaching Consensus
    • Building an Agreement
    • Setting the Terms of the Agreement
  • Dealing with Difficult Issues
    • Being Prepared for Environmental Tactics
    • Dealing with Personal Attacks
    • Controlling Your Emotions
    • Deciding When It’s Time to Walk Away
  • Skills you will need
    • Assertiveness - how to be assertive, but not aggressive, in negotiations
    • Questioning skills
    • Listening skills
    • Persuasion skills
    • Summarising and synthesising skills
    • Negotiating via Telephone
    • Negotiating via Email


Workshop Audience:

The course is designed for anyone whose work involves negotiation or persuasion - with individuals or in groups.