Senior Professional In Human ReSOURCE InTERNATIONAL (SPHRI)

Exam Preparation Course

Course Duration

5 days

Course Overview

The Senior Professional Human Resource International is a competency-based certification that validates a senior professional level of HR mastery, recognizing the knowledge and skills of the HR practitioner across a broad area of technical and strategic HR principles, specifically, strategy, talent management, service delivery and measurement. The program utilizes universal HR concepts that are applicable across diverse cultures, countries and regions, and prepares the HR professional with 4 to 7 years of experience with the necessary tools in preparation for the SPHRi certification examination. 

This course is also an effective review program that demonstrates the role of HR as a strategic partner, its critical relationship with the core functional areas of the organization, the development and retention of organizational talent, and the importance of Human Resource integration from both a service delivery concept as well as an effective change agent in support of business execution and organizational success.


Who Should Attend?

The SPHRi pre-certification program is designed as both an advanced, senior HR skills program as well as a pre-certification course for those planning to sit for the SPHRi examination. The course is recommended for all HR professionals with 4 to 7 years of HR experience as well as the appropriate educational background seeking a general area of study of the technical and strategic functions of HR.


Why SPHRi?

The HRCI certifications have a long history and superiority regarding accreditation, and are widely accepted on a global basis.  Additionally, unlike the SHRM certifications (SHRM-SCP and SHRM-CP), the HRCI certifications are specialized by state (PHR-CA, SPHR-CA) by country (U.S has PHR, SPHR, GPHR) and international certifications (PHRi and SPHRi). The international HRCI programs for PHRi (junior level) and SPHRi (senior level) are a true global program that is not based on any U.S. labor law or standards, and utilize accepted international principles of HR that are widely respected and accepted across all continents. Additionally, the PHRi and SPHRi programs are currently being provided on a regular basis in Egypt where their popularity is certainly growing.آ  Sudan would be an excellent venue for this HR certification program with a great deal of growth potential and market share. Another advantage of SPHRi is the fact that examination windows not limited to certain times a year, one can take the exam all year round.

The senior level SPHRi also requires completion of a labor law program in the country of origin of the certification holder that provides a more comprehensive standard that is customized where the HR practitioner is actually working.

Learning Objectives and Benefits

  • Provide Human Resource strategic framework to senior professionals with 4 to 7 years of related experience in HR
  • Detail key global concepts as they relate to a variety of HR subject matter including HR as a Business Leader, Development and Talent Management, Human Resource Service Delivery, and Managing HR Measurement.
  • Integrate both the academic and application side of Human Resources principles, models, and next practice methodologies
  • Link and align the various Human Resource functions with organizational strategy, mission, vision, values and culture
  • Prepare course participants with the fundamental requirements and competencies in preparation for the global SPHRI examination in accordance with the Human Resource Certification Institute standards.



Allan Gardner, MHRM, PHR, SPHRi, CAHRI, SHRM-SCP, Chartered MCIPD

With over 35 years of experience in the Human Resources field, Allan is a seasoned International Human Resource Professional, with a diverse background encompassing the successful management of Human Resource Departments in government, manufacturing, transportation, and service industries.آ  He has worked as HR Manager and Director for multi-national corporations in the United States, overseeing operations across the U.S., Mexico and Canada, as well as the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Energy in the U.S. government sector.آ آ  For the past nine years, he has worked in the United Arab Emirates and GCC countries as an HR Consultant and Expert Trainer, specializing in HR certification programs, as well as Talent Management, Business Execution, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Managerial and Career and Succession Planning courses.